Thursday, April 22, 2004

Today, I leave the word to Harold, who found some interesting WWII artifacts:

Leo Marks Code Poems

World War II Code Poems from MI 5 :

These poems were memorized by spies and contained important code. Although they might be strange, they were easy to remember, and it was such an artistic way of delivering secret messages.

by Leo Marks

She spent her hours breast feeding flowers
Fearful of Rabies from the lips of babies
her terror of skin, and what shelters within
made her humor a tumor
malign and malignant
a figment and fragment of all that was stagnant
in the refuse bin of her unknown sin
at the end of her life
She ignored her food
and swallowed her knife

I search the pages, now blank
the drawers, now empty
the pictures, now faded
the rooms, now rooms
and nothing more
but could not find my life
I found only wood in the forest
only water in the sea
only sand on the beach
...I could not find me

The most famous poem can be found here with commentary

obituary link

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